How to create an API key on BingX and bind it to Veles – Veles Help Center

How to create an API key on BingX and bind it to Veles

1. To create a BingX API key click on the user icon in  the top right corner of the homepage and then select “API Management”. In this section you can create, add or delete your API keys.

2. Click the Create API button

3. Specify the name of the API key. You can choose any name you want

4. The API key has been created. Next you need to edit its permissions, to do this click Edit. Make sure that “Spot Trading”, “Read” and “Perpetual Futures Trading” are activated

5. Let’s put the list of Veles IP addresses into the API key. The full list of addresses can be found in this article. Addresses should be written without spaces and separated with commas. When it’s done, click Add

6. Save the changes

The process of binding an API-key to Veles

1.Go to the API key management page or to create a bot on the platform.

2. Click the Add API Key button and select BingX.

3. Enter API and Secret keys

4. Now you can run bots on the BingX exchange

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