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Limiting the Number of Bots in a Deal

Create bots and set a limit on the number of simultaneous deals. This option will allow you to run a specific number of bots simultaneously without exceeding the set deposit for the trade.

Go to your account settings by clicking on the e-mail in the upper right corner. On the page you will find “Locks“.

Set the number of bots in the deal in the modal that appears:

This feature will be useful for instruments that have rare entry signals, such as SrgArt Intraday or Swing. You can create multiple bots based on these indicators for different coins. When one of the bots enters a trade, other entry points will be ignored until the current trade is completed. This will allow you to effectively manage your trading operations and avoid using the entire deposit.

Position Locking

This option allows you to have only one active trade per pair and algorithm on an exchange, avoiding conflicts between different bots of the same asset on different TFs.

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