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How to use Veles referral program

Get bonuses with Veles referral program – recommend us to your friends, acquaintances, visitors or subscribers and get income in currency! 

For each recommendation you can get up to 30$ per month.

Why Veles Referral Program:

  • Highest payouts in the market, up to 30% of the user
  • Detailed statistics of your referrals in Veles cabinet
  • Withdrawal possibility from $100

Log in to your personal account, invite your friends and start earning with Veles together with them!

How to create Veles referral link

  1. Login to your account and click on your profile.

2. Select category referrals

3. Your referrals will be displayed on the top, now you haven’t any of them

4. Press create the link

5. Enter any word or phrase and generate a link

5. Now each person who passed through your referral link will be automatically  visible in your


How to find my rewards?

All rewards are credited to your personal account balance. Where you can make a request to withdraw funds to an external wallet.

How much can I earn?

We take 20% of profitable trades, but not more than $50 per trade monthly. Currently there are 2 trades options, SPOT and FUTURE. The maximum value is $100 per month, where your $30 if your link attracted the user. Bonus funds do not count.

How to find out how many referrals and money I’ve received?

It’s simple! Go to your personal account, to the category Referral, where you will see all the necessary information.

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawal of funds is possible upon request from $100. Transfer within 5 business days to your wallet.

The user will become your referral after they register on the platform through your link. And bonus funds will start to be credited when your referrals start trading successfully on Veles – to make it easier for them to adapt to the product, you can recommend them ready-made bots and consultations with our team.

Invite friends and earn cash bonuses!

Veles cooperates with stock exchanges!

Register using our links and get maximum bonuses from exchanges.