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How to use the probability table for SrgArt signals?

To evaluate risks before making a trading decision, you need a probability calculation. Use a special table to run bots with SrgArt signals.

Go to the Marketplace page to the purchased collection of SrgArt signals and you will see the pairs with which the indicator works. For each coin, taking into account the take-profit requests, the probability is calculated individually, and a recommendation on the work is offered.

Let’s have a look at the example of a long position on XRP/USDT on 5m TF. The author advises taking a short take profit of 0.4%. The probability of successful closing will be 74%, while the probability of drawdown will be 70.20%. For safe settings, it is suggested to use a 2% grid height with several safety orders. Use this data to customize your bots.

The probability of movement in the table is calculated using a helper indicator that takes into consideration the width of the grid as well as the movement of 50 bars.

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