How does the pulling up the order grid work? – Veles Help Center

How does the pulling up the order grid work?

After the bot receives a signal to open a position, a grid of limit orders is automatically placed.

The first order can be opened by the market price, but it costs more. To do this, you need to select Market in the settings of the first order Indent parameter or send a limit order to the exchange with an indentation – you can set your own value.

By default, it is suggested to set a Indent of 0.2%. Leave this parameter untouched if you are setting up the bot for the first time.

Let’s imagine that the bot receives a signal from the indicator to open a deal and sets up a grid of orders. And if the price deviates by a given percentage in the opposite direction, the bot will cancel the grid and start looking for a new entry point. In this case, the pull-up will be triggered. And after your first order has been executed, the pull-up will not work. The bot will average the position or close the deal at take profit.

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