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Trading modes “Simple” and “Own”

Before launching the bot, you can select two variations of order grid settings – “Simple” and “Custom”. These parameters are responsible for position averaging.

“Simple” mode

In this mode, you can select three ready-made settings to run: conservative, modest and aggressive. The bot will automatically place orders and their volumes, but you can make your own adjustments if you wish.

Overlapping price changes – sets the percentage distance by which orders will be placed. The denser the overlap, the more aggressive the trade.

Grid of orders – divides the volume of the position by the set value and spreads it based on the overlap.

Martingale – reallocates the deposit between orders in such a way that each following order in the grid is larger in volume than the previous one by a set percentage.

Indent – by setting the value of the parameter, the whole grid of orders will be placed above or below the set percentage of the current price. It is possible to select the “Market” value so that the order is executed at the market price.

Logarithmic distribution of prices – the parameter edits the change of order density. If you set the value more than 1 – orders will be placed more densely to the start of the grid. Orders will be placed further away from the current price if you set the value less than 1.

Partial placement of a grid of orders – allows you to use not the entire deposit at once, but only a specified number of orders.

Pulling up the order grid– cancels the grid if the price moves to the other side by a specified percentage. In this case, the bot will search for a new entrance point.

“Own” mode

This is a more flexible setting for advanced users, where the value for each order is set manually. It is suitable for realization of unique strategies.

Add an Order – use this button to place new orders in the grid and adjust their number.

Indent – sets the distance in percent from the current price, where orders will be placed.

Volume – sets the percentage of the deposit that will be used in the order.

A full list of bot settings and parameters can be found in the article.

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