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Include a position on the exchange in a trade

This option simplifies transaction management. With this option, you can integrate existing positions on the exchange into current trades, giving you more flexibility and control.

If you select this option, the bot will automatically check if there is an open position before entering a trade. If there is already a position, the bot will add volume to the current deal. 

In addition, take profit will be automatically calculated as a percentage of the total volume, providing more precise management of your trade, which will greatly reduce possible errors and simplify trading. 

However, it should be noted that when this option is enabled, two or more bots working with the same asset in the same algorithm may encounter the error The position has been reduced. 

To avoid conflict, we recommend using the position locking feature. This will allow you to manage several bots on the same pair and algorithm without the risk of a conflict for a position on the exchange between them.

In case you do not want the bot to include a position on the exchange in a trade, you can disable this option in the settings.

The option is available in the Trade Mode block.

Note that this feature is available to users trading on futures on Bybit and Binance exchanges.

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