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How to use deal closure by the indicator signal?

How does the deal closure by indicator signal work?

On the Veles platform, you can make the process of exiting a trade by indicator signal automated.

For example, if the user has launched the bot into a long position for trading in a channel (Keltner channel, Bollinger Bands), then when the asset price approaches the lower border of the channel, the bot will open a position. When the price reaches the upper border, the bot will automatically close the position in order to fix the profit.

Thus, if you run two bots based on the channel indicator – one for long and one for short, you can start the mechanism of position auto-reversal.

How to customize?

To use the indicator as a trigger for closing a position, select the Signal tab in the Profit block.

You can set any available indicator or combination of indicators, your own TradingView strategy or a price parameter as a filter.

To ignore the exit signal in case of a negative trade result, activate the Check P&L function.

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