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Types of bot errors

Insufficient balance in the service:

Bots brought trades to Take-profit order, but stopped due to lack of funds on the Veles platform.

  • To solve this, you need to replenish Veles balance. How to do this, we described in this article.

Insufficient volume of the first order:

Exchanges have a limit on the minimum order volume, for example on Binance it is $10. Make sure that the volume of the first order is more than $10.

  • When you set a value in the number of orders in the grid, the deposit is divided by this number, so the volume may be less than $10.
    To solve this, reduce the number of orders in the grid to increase the volume of orders.
  • Perhaps you have a small deposit and it should be increased. For the ready-made Spot Starter bot, the recommended deposit is 300 BUSD, and for the ready-made Futures Starter bot the recommended deposit is 100 USDT.
    Also, if you have a small deposit, you can pay attention to futures trading.
    Due to the leverage, the minimum deposit threshold is much lower compared to spot trading, but there are liquidation risks on futures.
  • Check the value of the martingale parameter. The parameter is responsible for the fact that each subsequent order in the grid was larger than the previous one by the specified percentage. This is achieved by decreasing the volume of the first orders.

Unknown error:

You will need to contact the technical support department to pass the error to the development department for further solution.

Insufficient balance:

During trading, the exchange deducts the commission, most likely after its writing off, the deposit allocated to the bot decreased.

  • If you trade on Binance, it is recommended to buy a small amount of native BNB token and restart the trade.
    It will deduct the trading commission and the allocated deposit will not be reduced.
    It also gives a 25% trading discount on spot and 15% on futures.
  • When trading on exchanges other than Binance, the native token may not be present on the exchange to pay commissions. In that case, allocate 3-5% less deposit to the bot from the balance on the exchange. The solution will also work if you trade on Binance without BNB.
    To fix the error, increase the balance value on the exchange and restart the trade in Veles.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to increase the value of the balance on the exchange, you can forcibly close the transaction, this will require the cancellation of orders and positions on the exchange, setting manual Take-profit. But note that in this case you will fix a loss in trading.

Limitations of leverage:

The error is associated with the limitation of the maximum leverage of the exchange.

  • To resolve this, reduce your leverage and run the bot.

Type of margin cannot be changed:

The margin type can only be changed if there are no open orders and positions on the trading pair on the exchange.

  • There should be no open orders or positions on the pair.
    If there are, you can wait until the end of active trades and then change the margin type in the bot settings.
  • You can forcibly close orders and positions of the current trade and set a take in order to launch the bot with the desired type of margin. But take into account that in this case you will fix a loss.

Your position has been liquidated:

This means you had a futures bot run and the price went down (Long) or up (Short) to the liquidation price and your futures balance was liquidated in connection with this.

  • If you had a cross margin, then your entire futures balance was liquidated.
  • If you had an isolated margin, in which case only the allocated deposit in the bot settings was liquidated.

Remember that trading in futures carries certain risks. Wisely allocate capital and follow risk management.

We told you how to avoid liquidation of the futures bot in this article.

The position does not correspond to the settings on the exchange:

You need to turn on hedging mode. It is automatically activated if there are no active orders and positions on the exchange.

  • Wait for the bot to exit the trade, then run the two bots, they will automatically enable hedging mode.
  • You can manually activate the hedging mode on the exchange.

Incorrect API key:

The error indicates that the API key has probably expired.

  • You can go to the API key settings on the exchange, set or remove any permission, save the API key.
    Then again go to the API key settings and remove the last changes you made in the permissions and save again. This is done to update the API key.
    After that you can restart the transaction in Veles.
  • Create a new API key on the exchange and replace the old API key data with the new ones in this section of your personal Veles cabinet.

Orders canceled by a third party:

Orders placed by Veles have been canceled by another party. They could have been cancelled accidentally by you, by another app, by an exchange, but not by the Veles platform.

Unfortunately, we have no information about the nature of the cancellation of orders.
Information about orders can be obtained from the support of the exchange.

  • You can cancel all remaining orders and positions on the exchange and start a new trade.

Insufficient margin:

There are not enough funds to place the next order.

  • Refill the balance on the exchange and restart the trade.

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