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What about the money?

Well, let’s try to be quick and clear: we have no monthly fees or hidden fees. What is our benefit? We take a commission. 💸 But it’s not that scary. Only 20% and only from the profit that you get from bot 👾

Let’s give examples to make it even clearer. Let’s imagine that you made a deal and earned $1 means $0.20 will be debited from your Veles account.

But suddenly the cards turned out well, and in a month you earned a lot 😱 Should you give 20% of this good? Of course not. We will not charge you more than $50 per calendar month. This means that the write-off, in the amount of 20% of each profitable trade, will occur until $50 is accumulated. When the limit is reached, the commission will be debited until the 1st day of the new month. For each type of trade (currently there are 2 types of trade: SPOT and Futures USDT-M).

But how can you charge a fee if you don’t have access to withdraw funds from my account on the exchange? 👀 

There is nothing complicated here. The bot trades the balance from your account on the exchange. All earned profit also arrives in the account on the exchange. Veles doesn’t have any access to withdraw funds from your account on the exchange, therefore, to withdraw the commission, we use the internal account balance of the account on the Veles platform. Every time the bot makes a profit, Veles deducts a commission from the internal account.

What if I don’t replenish Veles? 😈

There is no secret here. Even if you don’t replenish the balance, the bot continues to work, it closes profitable transactions, which means that the commission is deducted – the account balance becomes negative. From this moment, you have 2 days to replenish the balance and continue using our service.

By the way, during these 2 days you will not have any restrictions in Veles bot’s work. 👌🏻

If on the 3rd day the balance is not replenished, the account will go into the “Suspended” state, and all bots will stop working.

Okay, but how to replenish the balance?

You can replenish the balance on our platform in any convenient way and for any amount through the BE20 or TRC20 network. All credits are automatically converted to $ for easy balance display. In the near future we plan to also add a method of replenishment by credit cards 😉

What is the result? In Veles we earn together. As better Veles bots work, as higher the profit for you and for us ✨

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