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We answer the most frequently asked questions!

🔸 How does the Martingale strategy work?


🔸 How do Long and Short strategies work?


🔸 What is the minimum deposit for the Veles bot?

The exchange has raised the limits. Therefore, we recommend setting the minimum deposit for the bot in the range of $120 to $300.

The bot divides the deposit into parts, depending on the number of orders in the grid. Each of the orders in the grid must meet the exchange’s requirement for the size of the minimum order. The deposit should be enough to create the entire grid of orders at once.

If an error occurs, then you need to: reduce the number of safety orders \ add a deposit \ change the leverage \ change the trading pair.

🔸 What % of the profit is better to put?

We recommend setting% in the range of 0.5% — 0.8%, then the bot will quickly exit trades and look for a new entry point. We do not recommend betting less than 0.15%, otherwise commissions on the exchange will level your income.

🔸 Is BNB required to write off commission?

It is not necessary. BNB is a Binance exchange coin, it gives a discount on Binance commissions, but you can trade without it.
We recommend you buying and holding a BNB coin only on Binance in the amount of $10. Veles will work and bring you profit.

🔸 What order grid and percentage of martingale to choose?

Martingale determines by how many% the volume of each next grid order will be greater than the previous one. The larger the martingale, the less price rebound will be needed to close the deal with a profit.

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The larger the martingale, the smaller the volume of the first orders of the grid, this reduces the profit in a calm market, but reduces the risks in the event of a sharp fall, since it is averaged better.

Veles recommends using a Martingale of at least 5–7% and at least 10 orders for Spot trading.

In futures trading, it is better to use a 5–10% martingale and at least 13 orders.

🔸What are bot start filters?

Filters are a parameter required to start the bot! Simply put, the task of filters is to show the oversold and overbought levels of the market as a whole, which helps the bot to find the correct entry point. Now you have the option to use RSI and CCI filters, but many more filters will appear in the foreseeable future. We have also created filter templates for your convenience.

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