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Introduction to VELES

VELES FINANCE. Who are we and why are we here?

Hey! You probably have a lot of questions 🧐 we are just here to answer them and explain everything 😋

We are a platform for people ― VELES ✨

A simple and convenient platform for creating bots in the cryptocurrency market for those who want to trade, but not to spend all their free time 💸💸💸

Let’s imagine that you are an inexperienced user, you are weak in the theoretical part and would not refuse help. Imagined? Great, we are the ones who will help you: we will show you ready-made market behavior strategies or help you set up your own. And we will also give you a bot👾 that will trade on the stock exchange for you while you spend time with your family, work or do your favorite hobby

What kind of bot is it? How does it work? 🤨

Our little minions work according to the Martingale strategy. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll try to explain everything in simple words? Bots 👾 carefully research indicators in the cryptocurrency market (they are generally curious and extremely meticulous guys 🤓). And in case of a fall in the rate of one or another coin, they gradually buy back the downward movement. This is where the strategy starts to work ➡️ the amount of each next order from the bot will be slightly higher than the previous one. This approach will allow you to be averaged and close deals with growth, remaining in the black 💵

Why bots, not real people? 🤖

Well, firstly, the future has already come and it’s time to let robots work for us ☺️ And secondly, bots are always attentive ― they quickly search the entry point to the market, thanks to the installed filters, save your money — they will buy neither too expensive assets, nor too cheap, supporting the pre-laid strategy and your balance allocated for trading.

But most importantly, bots save your time⏳ and earn money little by little while you are busy with something more important.

They have no emotions, nerves, greed and fatigue, unlike humans, they are always calm and impartial. VELES bots will repeat the cycle laid down in them from day to day and will not leave the route😎👌🏻

Simplicity is not only about the fact that bots work for you 😉

We have invented an easy and intuitive interface so that you figure it out and immediately understand what to do and how to set everything up.

Separately, you can look at the state of your minions 👾 All working bots and their indicators will be visible on the tab. So that you immediately understand what is happening 🤔

Now let’s summarize ✨

We found out why bots are needed at all. We found out that it is much easier to set them up with us than without us 😅

We took all the most difficult work upon ourselves and laid down the necessary strategies on the basis of the bot’s behavior in advance, and made a convenient template for you. You just have to choose a strategy to your taste — conservative, moderate or aggressive. It will take you no more than 3 minutes to launch a ready-made template 🤩

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