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How to fund your Binance account (P2P)

​​Enter your username and password, log in to the exchange.

​​Point to “Buy Cryptocurrency”

In the drop-down menu, 2 tabs are more interesting at the moment:

Credit/debit card (not currently available)

P2P trading

P2P trading (peer-to-peer) is the direct buying and selling of cryptocurrencies by users without the involvement of a third party or intermediary. Binance acts as a guarantor on the site if something goes wrong, you can always open an appeal and the Binance team will consider your application.

Go to the P2P trading tab.

Select “Buy”, the currency of debit (in this example, USD). The bank with which the transaction is planned.

​​We choose the maker (person) who has the best rate. Pay attention to his rating, the higher it is, the more responsibly the person approaches the exchange process.

We make an exchange. After its completion, you can perform operations of buying/selling stablecoins (Busd / Usdt) to launch bots on the Veles platform.

You can also consider one of the oldest exchange services as bestchange as an alternative platform. Here is a similar principle of operation

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