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How to create a bot on the Veles platform

Ready-made boots from Veles

On the main page there is a showcase with ready-made strategies. Bots from this menu are already configured and ready to run.

Please note that the strategies differ in the following parameters:

  • ​​For Binance Spot and Binance Future exchanges.
  • According to the trading algorithm Short and Long.
  • Deposit. For example, on Spot the minimum deposit is 300 BUSD, and on Futures the minimum deposit is 100 USDT.

How to create a bot yourself

1. Go to your personal account and click Create bot.

2. Select the exchange and the type of trade. For example, the Binance exchange and Spot trading. On Spot, the bot will trade exactly within the allocated deposit.

3. Show the API key. Read more about API keys in our article.

4. Choose the Algorithm – we recommend the Long algorithm, it is ideal for beginners – the bot buys the selected coin when the price falls, and sells when the price rises. Learn more about the algorithms in our video.

5. Choose a coin – we recommend fundamental coins like ETH or BTC for beginners.

6. Enter the deposit within which the bot will trade on the exchange. For Spot, the minimum deposit is $300

7. Choose one of the provided Trading Mode templates. Each parameter of the template can be pointwise changed for yourself.

Templates affect the potential profitability of the bot, as well as how often the bot will close deals.

The Moderate template is configured to reduce the likelihood of the bot leaving the Investor position, but be more profitable compared to the Conservative template.

8. Choose one of the presented templates in the Filters to start the bot.

Filters affect how often the bot will enter trades.

The bot will enter the trade only when all the specified indicators in the bot filters work. With moderate settings, the bot will enter trades relatively more often than with conservative settings.

You can read more about indicators in our Knowledge Base.

9. Click the Create Bot button.

• Give an arbitrary name to the bot

• Click the Launch button.

Or on the main page of your personal account, call the context menu by clicking in front of the bot and the Start button.

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