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Forced launch of a bot 

Forced launch of a bot 

The forced launch of a bot is a function that allows it to enter a deal immediately without waiting for a signal from the indicators.

There are three ways to force launch a trade on the Veles platform. 

  1. Add a filter to start a bot, then select the RSI indicator and set it up as shown in the screenshot.

After configuring the bot, click on the create bot button and the bot will enter the position at the beginning of the next minute candle.

  1. If you set a price value above 0 with the filter, the bot will immediately enter the deal. You should use this function carefully, because the entry point might not always be the best.
  2. If it is necessary that after receiving the signal, the bot immediately executes the first order without waiting for the indentation, then set the indentation value to “market”. Pay attention – The commission for market orders is higher than for limit ones.

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