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Stop-Loss to Breakeven

Set a stop-loss immediately after the first take profit is executed and close the position before it goes negative.

In the trading functions of the bot there is a possibility to enable automatic setting of stop-loss to breakeven, which allows you to close the position without losses, if the price turns against your position. This function works in addition to multi-takes.

After the first take-profit is reached, the bot automatically sets the stop-loss to the breakeven price. After the second take-profit is reached, the stop-loss is moved to the place of the first take-profit. Already in plus. If you leave the setting from the average price, the stop-loss will not be moved.

The risk management feature is available in the Profit block section in the Own tab.

Place orders for partial position closure, and then activate the Stop slider to choose one of two operating modes:

From the Average:

After executing the first take-profit, the bot will cancel the grid of orders and place a market stop order at your average entry point, effectively bringing your position to breakeven.
This mode is suitable for take-profits with short distances between them.

From the Take-Profit (TP)

The stop-loss will be set at the point of the last executed take-profit.
This mode is suitable for working with a wider grid of multiple take-profits.

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