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How to use multi-takes?

What are multi-takes?

Multi-takes are a tool that allows you to unload a position step by step.

After the first buy or sell order is executed, the system automatically sets multi-takes to close the position. The grid of multi-takes shifts if the bot continues to execute the grid. When the first target is reached, a part of the position will be closed according to the set volume and the remaining part will be reassigned to other closing orders. This way, the deal gets the possibility to close with a larger profit.

In addition, you can include a stop-loss at breakeven, which is set at the buy price after the first take-profit. After taking the second profit target, the stop loss is automatically set to the level of the previous take-profit, providing the trade with a guaranteed profit.

How to set multi-takes?

Configure the bot to fix the position by several orders.

In the “Profit” block, select the “Own” mode and specify the number of orders, distributing the necessary volume for each.

Thereby you will unload the position in parts and secure your transaction in case of a market reversal.

The indent sets a percentage of the placement of orders from your average entry point.

The volume sets the percentage of the position’s face value, by which a part of the deal will be closed.

In the profit currency you can choose the stablecoin, with which the profit will be calculated in case of success.

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