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Volume Filter

The Volume filter allows bots to determine the overflow of funds in coin and use that data to make decisions about entering and exiting trades.

For example, if you set a volume condition for a 4-hour candle, the bot will not enter a trade until the accumulated trading volume reaches the specified amount.

Note that the volume setting says (base).
This means that the data you enter must be specified in the volume of the coin itself. The exception is the Gate.io exchange, where the volume data is specified in the stablecoin tied to the ticker.

To determine the volume, add the “Volume” indicator to TradingView Indicators and hover over a candle. The volume information will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Volume at par

If you want the bot to enter trades only after reaching a certain trading volume in a trading pair, set the corresponding value in the Volume (by nominal) filter.

For example, you can configure the bot to enter a trade only after a volume of 300 million USDT has been recorded in the current candlestick of a given timeframe. Until this volume is reached, the bot will not enter the trade. A similar principle can be applied to other trading pairs, for example, BTC/ETH. In this case, the condition for entering a trade will be the achievement of a certain trading volume in ETH.


You can track the volume of coins on the exchange you use for trading.

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