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What is Chande Momentum Oscillator?

Chande Momentum Oscillator is a technical indicator that measures the speed and direction of change in the price of an asset.

How does the indicator work?

The indicator shows values from -100 to +100. In addition to these values, there are overbought zones (above the 50 level), oversold zones (below the 50 level), and zero level. Positive values indicate a fast upward market movement (bullish trend), while negative values indicate a fast downward market movement (bearish trend).

How to use in trading?

  1. If the indicator crosses the level 0 from bottom to top – it indicates the beginning of an upward trend and vice versa.

2. In cases when the indicator returns from overbought and oversold zones (-50 and 50) it is a signal for a reversal of the movement.


The main peculiarity of the indicator is that it requires changing the settings when changing the asset and time interval.

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